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Insignia Health offers a Limited Commercial License for smaller healthcare organizations and community health programs.

Limited Commercial License details

Our 12-month renewable Limited Commercial license covers up to 1,000 unique individuals and is designed for smaller healthcare organizations serving no more than 10,000 total individuals per year, such as:

  • Federally Qualified Health Centers, clinics and rural hospitals
  • Area Agencies on Aging
  • Community-based organizations (CBOs)
  • Social sector organizations
  • Clinics within UK hospitals and Trusts
  • Select health research programs

The Limited Commercial License provides access to the PAM® survey as well as Coaching for Activation® (CFA), our PAM-based condition support program for health coaches and providers. It also includes access to our training program, the survey administration system and a variety of PAM reports. However, it does not provide all of the administration, customization and service features available with the Standard Commercial License.

Following the purchase of the Limited Commercial License, Insignia Health will deliver corresponding links to the products and training documentation through an online account within about 10 business days.

Limited Commercial License options:
$4,500 for up to 500 unique individuals.
$7,500 for 501 – 1,000 unique individuals.

To qualify for a Limited Commercial License to use PAM®, CFA and related activation products, please confirm agreement with each statement.

My organization intends to administer the PAM survey to no more than 1,000 unique individuals during the 12-month license period.

My organization serves fewer than 10,000 total individuals.

My organization is not affiliated with a larger organization that serves more than 10,000 total individuals.

I have purchasing authority for my organization.

I have authorization to use a credit card to pay the full amount of the license.

I have read and accept the Limited Commercial License Terms and Conditions and Business Associate Agreement.

Product Options

Please agree to all statements above to choose your product options and continue to checkout.

You are purchasing a new Commercial License. Existing licenses can be viewed in your account instead.