Flourish® Consumer

Self-guided program to improve health behaviors based on PAM Level and health conditions

Tailored support to improve overall wellness and self-management of chronic health conditions

Flourish® is an all-in-one online health education solution that pairs PAM survey results with condition-specific goals and action steps to provide an engaging self-guided journey to better health.

Flourish customizes the experience to the user’s PAM level, biometric measures and self-reported health data. Users can learn at their own pace and at the right intensity through a series of interactive challenges and engaging level-appropriate health content. Flourish enables a responsive experience for each user. Program administrators and health coaches can also work anonymously behind the scenes to recommend articles, send messages and customize features through the administration portal.

Flourish Highlights

Unique Health Program for Each Individual

Progressive Challenges Build Knowledge, 
Skills and Confidence

Set Goals and Add Content For Everyone, or Just For One

Flourish Video