It's all about PAM® (A.K.A.) the

Patient Activation Measure®

The gold standard tool for assessing a person’s health self-management abilities – validated by over a decade of research and hundreds of published studies.

The PAM® survey is the key to improving self-management and controlling costs.

It is the essential vital sign that anchors all of our solutions.

PAM is the foundation of effective health coaching:

PAM really helps by showing us which patients are in real need of help and helping coaches decide where to start the education process.

Dr. Jane Brock, Medical Director, Telligen

PAM can help reduce hospital readmissions:

Patient Activation is really the key to what we are doing. I can’t imagine doing coaching without getting some idea of where the patient is in terms of their level of activation. It really helps us target the intervention.

Christy Bond, Director, Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY

Oregon's Health CO-OP uses Flourish® to engage and reward members:

We want our members to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to better manage their health. We want them to understand their own health risks, and we want them to engage with their provider. This is why we designed the wellness program with three key activities, which help the members take charge of their health.

Dr. Ralph Prows, CEO and President, Oregon's Health CO-OP