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“Patient Activation is really the key to what we are doing. I can’t imagine doing coaching without getting some idea of where the patient is in terms of their level of activation. It really helps us target the intervention.”

Christy Bond
Director, Senior Services
Crouse Hospital, Syracuse NY
Summer 2010 Readmissions Conference

  1. Measure.

    Understand the self-management competencies that drive health behavior & health activation.
  2. Engage.

    A wealth of research & experience informs strategies to engage individuals in their health.
  3. Activate.

    Tailor support to move individuals along a continuum of increasing health activation.

Patient Activation: The key to controlling healthcare costs

We are passionate about helping individuals become more active and successful managers of their health.  The stakes are high — self-management is the number one driver of health outcomes and costs.

Our approach starts with the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®). Results from this brief assessment allow us to apply a decade of global PAM research to help people overcome their barriers to better health. We know how to help individuals increase their level of activation, which is proven to reduce healthcare utilization.

Join the hundreds of healthcare organizations who are using PAM and our PAM-related programs to improve primary care, reduce ER visits and hospital readmissions, increase medication adherence, and strengthen wellness, disease management and case management programs.

Making measurable strides in accountable care

The Patient Activation Measure® assessment tool is proven to help even the most challenging patients become more engaged in their own healthcare and disease management. Again and again, improvements in behavior and health activation have been documented, as have improved health outcomes and better use of resources.

The most scientifically validated activation model

More than a 130 independent, peer-reviewed studies have documented the validity and value of PAM® assessments across scores of disease states and demographically diverse populations. This research offers valuable insight for Insignia, and for its colleagues committed to accountable care, into how best to increase activation, improve an individual’s self-management abilities, and support the more effective and efficient use of healthcare resources. Review the research here.

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