Research by Subject: motivational interviewing

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Jan 2021 Using the Patient Activation Measure during a pharmacist-led rural patient home visit pilot project [United States]
Apr 2017 Simulated Conversations With Virtual Humans to Improve Patient-Provider Communication and Reduce Unnecessary Prescriptions for Antibiotics: A Repeated Measure Pilot Study [United States]
Mar 2016 Phone-based motivational interviewing to increase self-efficacy in individuals with phenylketonuria [United States]
Mar 2015 Health Behavior Change Counseling in Surgery for Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. Part II: Patient Activation Mediates the Effects of Health Behavior Change Counseling on Rehabilitation Engagement [United States]
Feb 2010 Motivational Interviewing-Based Health Coaching as a Chronic Care Intervention [United States]