Research by Author: Ledford, CJW

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
May 2019 Geographic and Race/Ethnicity Differences in Patient Perceptions of Diabetes [United States]
Apr 2018 Applying the chronic care model to prenatal care: patient activation, productive interactions, and prenatal outcomes [United States]
Sep 2017 Unexpected Effects of a System-Distributed Mobile Application in Maternity Care: A Randomized Controlled Trial [United States]
Nov 2015 Mobile application as a prenatal education and engagement tool: A randomized controlled pilot [United States]
Oct 2015 The Influence of Health Literacy and Patient Activation on Patient Information Seeking and Sharing [United States]
Nov 2014 Refining the Practice of Prescribing: Teaching Physician Learners How to Talk to Patients About a New Prescription [United States]
Jan 2012 Exploring the interaction of patient activation and message design variables: Message frame and presentation mode influence on the walking behavior of patients with type 2 diabetes [United States]