Research by Source: Health Expectations

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Jul 2021 Patient participation during primary health-care encounters among adult patients with multimorbidity: A cross-sectional study [Finland]
Apr 2021 Determinants of patient activation and its association with cardiovascular disease risk in chronic kidney disease: A cross‐sectional study [United Kingdom]
Jul 2017 The association between patient activation and self-care practices: A cross-sectional study of an Australian population with comorbid diabetes and chronic kidney disease [Australia]
Dec 2014 The Association Between Patient Activation and Accessing Online Health Information: Results From a National Survey of US Adults [United States]
May 2014 Participation of Chronic Patients in Medical Consultations: Patients' Perceived Efficacy, Barriers and Interest in Support [Netherlands]
Mar 2010 The Development and Testing of a Measure Assessing Physician Beliefs about Patient Self-Management [United States]