Research by Subject: patient education

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Jun 2021 A longitudinal study of educational needs among patients with inflammatory arthritis [Norway]
Jul 2020 Effectiveness of the Ready to Reduce Risk (3R) complex intervention for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial [United Kingdom]
Jan 2020 Outcomes in patient education programmes for people with rheumatic diseases: Results from a Delphi process and a study of feasibility and responsiveness [Norway]
Feb 2019 Patient engagement in first cycle comprehensive chemotherapy consultation pharmacist services and impact on patient activation [United States]
Jun 2018 Towards Generating Personalized Hospitalization Summaries [United States]
Dec 2017 Adaptation and validation of the German Patient Activation Measure for Adolescents with chronic conditions in transitional care: PAM® 13 for Adolescents [Germany]
Dec 2015 The effect of a brief educational programme added to mental health treatment to improve patient activation: A randomized controlled trial in community mental health centres [Norway]
Apr 2014 Long-term Effects of a Nurse-led Group and Individual Patient Education Programme for Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Polyarthritis - A Randomised Controlled Trial [Norway]