Research by Subject: hypertension

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Oct 2019 Measuring patient activation in Chinese patients with hypertension and/or diabetes: reliability and validity of the PAM13 [China]
Mar 2019 Adaptation of a patient activatıon measure (PAM) into Turkish: reliability and validity test [Turkey]
Aug 2018 Effect of a Remotely Delivered Tailored Multicomponent Approach to Enhance Medication Taking for Patients With Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, and Diabetes [United States]
Jul 2017 Effectiveness of Digital Medicines to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Uncontrolled Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes: Prospective, Open-Label, Cluster-Randomized Pilot Clinical Trial [United States]
Jan 2017 Lessons Learned From Implementing Health Coaching in The Heart Healthy Lenoir Hypertension Study [United States]
Feb 2016 Validation of an Interaction Model of Health Behavior Among Adults With Hypertension [United States]
Dec 2014 Use of an Electronic Patient Portal Among the Chronically Ill: An Observational Study [Finland]
Sep 2014 PS1-23: Prospective Association of Patient Activation Measure (PAM) with Medical Costs among Hypertension Population [United States]
Jul 2014 The Utah Remote Monitoring Project: Improving Health Care One Patient at a Time [United States]
Dec 2013 The Role of Patient Activation in Improving Blood Pressure Outcomes in Black Patients Receiving Home Care [United States]
Feb 2013 Personal Health Records and Hypertension Control: A Randomized Trial [United States]
Jul 2011 Activation Among Chronically Ill Older Adults with Complex Medical Needs: Challenges to Supporting Effective Self-Management [United States]