Research by Subject: mHealth

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Aug 2021 Optimizing Engagement in an mHealth Intervention for Diabetes Support During Pregnancy: The Role of Baseline Patient Health and Behavioral Characteristics [United States]
May 2020 Enhancing Patient Activation and Self-Management Activities in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Using the US Department of Defense Mobile Health Care Environment: Feasibility Study [United States]
Feb 2019 Using Exploratory Trials to Identify Relevant Contexts and Mechanisms in Complex Electronic Health Interventions: Evaluating the Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome Tool [Canada]
Oct 2018 A Mobile App With Optical Imaging for the Self-Management of Hand Rheumatoid Arthritis: Pilot Study [United States]
Oct 2018 A feasibility trial of Power Up: A smartphone app to support patient activation and shared decision making for mental health in young people [United Kingdom]
Jun 2017 Enhancing mHealth Technology in the Patient-Centered Medical Home Environment to Activate Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A Multisite Feasibility Study Protocol [United States]
May 2017 Assessing the Impact of a Novel Smartphone Application Compared With Standard Follow-Up on Mobility of Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis Following Treatment With Hylan G-F 20: A Randomized Controlled Trial [United States]
Jan 2016 The Motivating Function of Healthcare Professional in eHealth and mHealth Interventions for Type 2 Diabetes Patients and the Mediating Role of Patient Engagement [Italy]
Nov 2015 Mobile application as a prenatal education and engagement tool: A randomized controlled pilot [United States]
Jan 2015 Mobile-Web App to Self-Manage Low Back Pain: Randomized Controlled Trial [United States]
Mar 2014 Using the iPod Touch for Patient Health Behavior Assessment and Health Promotion in Primary Care [United States]