Research by Source: Patient Education and Counseling

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
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Jan 2017 Does Patient Activation Predict the Course of Type 2 Diabetes? A longitudinal study [United States]
Jan 2017 Twelve months effect of self-referral to inpatient treatment on patient activation, recovery, symptoms and functioning: A randomized controlled study [Norway]
Nov 2016 How does patient-provider communication influence adherence to asthma medications? [United States]
Jul 2016 Patient Activation and the Use of Information to Support Informed Decisions [United States]
Jul 2016 Cross-Cultural Validation of the Parent-Patient Activation Measure in Low Income Spanish- and English-Speaking Parents [United States]
Jun 2016 Reliability and validity of the Patient Activation Measure in hospitalized patients [United States]
May 2016 Measuring patient activation: the utility of the Patient Activation Measure within a UK context—Results from four exemplar studies and potential future applications [United Kingdom]
Mar 2016 Factors Associated with Patient Activation in an Older Adult Population with Functional Difficulties [United States]
Jan 2016 Racial disparities and patient activation; Evaluating the mediating role of health literacy [United States]
Dec 2015 The effect of a brief educational programme added to mental health treatment to improve patient activation: A randomized controlled trial in community mental health centres [Norway]
Nov 2015 Mobile application as a prenatal education and engagement tool: A randomized controlled pilot [United States]
Jul 2015 The long-term effect on mental health symptoms and patient activation of using patient feedback scales in mental health out-patient treatment. A randomised controlled trial [Norway]
Jul 2015 A Cross-Sectional Study of Provider and Patient Characteristics Associated with Outpatient Disclosures of Dietary Supplement Use [United States]
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Jan 2009 Participation in Online Patient Support Groups Endorses Patients’ Empowerment [Netherlands]