Research by Subject: veterans

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
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Nov 2018 Perceptions of patient-centered care among veterans with gastroesophageal reflux disease on proton pump inhibitor therapy [United States]
Aug 2018 Patient Activation: A Key Component of Successful Advance Care Planning [United States]
Feb 2017 Effect of an Intensive Outpatient Program to Augment Primary Care for High-Need Veterans Affairs Patients [United States]
May 2015 Patient Activation and Mental Health Care Experiences Among Women Veterans [United States]
Nov 2014 A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Magnitude of Association of Patient Activation in HIV-Infected Veterans Who Use Electronic Personal Health Records [United States]
Aug 2014 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Illness Management and Recovery with an Active Control Group [United States]
May 2013 A Cluster Randomized Trial of Adding Peer Specialists to Intensive Case Management Teams in the Veterans Health Administration [United States]
Feb 2013 Impact of a Patient-Centered Medical Home on Access, Quality, and Cost [United States]
Dec 2011 Role of Apathy in the Effectiveness of Weight Management Programmes [United States]
Jul 2009 Activation and Perceived Expectancies: Correlations with Health Outcomes Among Veterans with Inflammatory Bowel Disease [United States]