Research by Subject: hospital admissions

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Sep 2017 Patient Activation Mediates Health Literacy Associated with Hospital Utilization Among Whites [United States]
Jun 2015 The effect of tablet computers with a mobile patient portal application on hospitalized patients’ knowledge and activation [United States]
Apr 2015 Care Coordination Program For Washington State Medicaid Enrollees Reduced Inpatient Hospital Costs [United States]
Apr 2014 Patient-Centered Community Health Worker Intervention to Improve Posthospital Outcomes [United States]
Nov 2011 Post-Discharge Intervention in Vulnerable Chronically Ill Patients [United States]
Jun 2011 Hospital admissions, emergency department utilisation and patient activation for self-management among people with diabetes [Australia]
Mar 2009 Medicaid Patients at High Risk for Frequent Hospital Admission: Real-Time Identification and Remediable Risks [United States]