Research by Subject: primary care

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Mar 2017 Adaptation to European Spanish and psychometric properties of the Patient Activation Measure 13 in patients with chronic diseases
Sep 2016 Predictors of Patient Activation Among Underserved Patients in a Nurse-managed Health Center: A Pilot Study
Jul 2016 Cross-Cultural Validation of the Parent-Patient Activation Measure in Low Income Spanish- and English-Speaking Parents
Apr 2016 Reliability Analysis Of The Turkish Version Of The Patient Activation Measure
Mar 2016 The role of primary care providers in patient activation and engagement in self-management: a cross-sectional analysis
Sep 2014 PeaceHealth’s Team Fillingame Uses Patient Activation Measure to Customize the Medical Home. Updated 2014
May 2014 Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in Primary Care: An Observational Pilot Study of Seven Generic Instruments
May 2014 Response to a Patient Activation Intervention among Spanish-speaking Patients at a Community Health Center in New York City
Mar 2014 Using the iPod Touch for Patient Health Behavior Assessment and Health Promotion in Primary Care
Oct 2013 Primary Health Care Experiences of Hispanics with Serious Mental Illness: A Mixed-Methods Study
Sep 2012 Exploring Patient Activation in the Clinic Measurement From Three Perspectives
Dec 2011 Who Are We Reaching Through the Patient Portal: Engaging the Already Engaged?
Dec 2011 Activating Community Health Center Patients in Developing Question-Formulation Skills: A Qualitative Study.
May 2011 The Role of Patient Activation in Frequent Attendance at Primary Care: A Population-Based Study of People with Chronic Disease
May 2011 Patient Activation in Primary Healthcare: A Comparison Between Healthier Individuals and Those with a Chronic Illness
May 2009 The Contribution of Consumer Health Organizations to Chronic Disease Self-Management in the Context of Primary Care
Aug 2008 Translating Primary Care Practice Climate Into Patient Activation: The Role of Patient Trust in Physician