Research by Subject: primary care

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Dec 2018 Twelve-month effect of chronic pain self-management intervention delivered in an easily accessible primary healthcare service - a randomised controlled trial [Norway]
Dec 2018 Short-term effect of a chronic pain self-management intervention delivered by an easily accessible primary healthcare service: a randomised controlled trial [Norway]
Nov 2018 Self-management support in primary care is associated with improvement in patient activation [Canada]
Nov 2018 Parental Activation and Obesity-Related Health Behaviors Among a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Population of Low-Income Pediatric Patients: Protocol for a Cross-Sectional Survey Study [United States]
Oct 2018 Impact of a boot camp translation intervention on self-management support in primary care [United States]
Oct 2018 Evaluation of the Learning to Integrate Neighborhoods and Clinical Care Project: Findings from Implementing a New Lay Role into Primary Care Teams to Address Social Determinants of Health [United States]
Jun 2018 A New Model to Encourage Person-centred Approaches to Long-term Condition Management In Primary Care [United Kingdom]
May 2018 What matters in patient-centered medical home transformation: Whole system evaluation outcomes of the Brown Primary Care Transformation Initiative [United States]
May 2018 Are Parent Activation and Health Literacy Distinct Concepts? A Study in Low Income Urban Populations [United States]
Mar 2018 The relationship between health literacy and patient activation among frequent users of healthcare services: a cross-sectional study [Canada]
Mar 2017 Adaptation to European Spanish and psychometric properties of the Patient Activation Measure 13 in patients with chronic diseases [Spain]
Sep 2016 Predictors of Patient Activation Among Underserved Patients in a Nurse-managed Health Center: A Pilot Study [United States]
Jul 2016 Cross-Cultural Validation of the Parent-Patient Activation Measure in Low Income Spanish- and English-Speaking Parents [United States]
Apr 2016 Reliability Analysis Of The Turkish Version Of The Patient Activation Measure [Turkey]
Mar 2016 The role of primary care providers in patient activation and engagement in self-management: a cross-sectional analysis [United States]
Sep 2014 PeaceHealth’s Team Fillingame Uses Patient Activation Measure to Customize the Medical Home. Updated 2014 [United States]
May 2014 Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in Primary Care: An Observational Pilot Study of Seven Generic Instruments [Netherlands]
May 2014 Response to a Patient Activation Intervention among Spanish-speaking Patients at a Community Health Center in New York City [United States]
Mar 2014 Using the iPod Touch for Patient Health Behavior Assessment and Health Promotion in Primary Care [United States]
Oct 2013 Primary Health Care Experiences of Hispanics with Serious Mental Illness: A Mixed-Methods Study [United States]
Sep 2012 Exploring Patient Activation in the Clinic Measurement From Three Perspectives [United States]
Dec 2011 Who Are We Reaching Through the Patient Portal: Engaging the Already Engaged? [United States]
Dec 2011 Activating Community Health Center Patients in Developing Question-Formulation Skills: A Qualitative Study [United States]
May 2011 The Role of Patient Activation in Frequent Attendance at Primary Care: A Population-Based Study of People with Chronic Disease [Australia]
May 2011 Patient Activation in Primary Healthcare: A Comparison Between Healthier Individuals and Those with a Chronic Illness [United States]
May 2009 The Contribution of Consumer Health Organizations to Chronic Disease Self-Management in the Context of Primary Care [Australia]
Aug 2008 Translating Primary Care Practice Climate Into Patient Activation: The Role of Patient Trust in Physician [United States]