Research by Subject: Parent Activation

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
May 2021 Professionals' motivation to support parental self-management regarding children with physical disability in Dutch rehabilitation services: ‘Please mind your gap’ [Netherlands]
Dec 2020 Parent Activation and Child Mental Health Service use in African American Families in a Large Cross-Sectional Study [United States]
Jul 2019 Parent activation and pediatric primary care outcomes for vulnerable children: A mixed methods study [United States]
May 2019 A Preliminary Study of Parent Activation, Parent-Teacher Alliance, Transition Planning Quality, and IEP and Postsecondary Goal Attainment of Students with ASD [United States]
Nov 2018 Parental Activation and Obesity-Related Health Behaviors Among a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Population of Low-Income Pediatric Patients: Protocol for a Cross-Sectional Survey Study [United States]
Jan 2018 A Preliminary Study of Activation, Stress, and Self-Management of Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder [United States]
Jan 2018 Parent activation in the pediatric emergency department: Theory vs. reality [United States]
Nov 2017 Latina/o parent activation in children’s mental health treatment: The role of demographic and psychological factors [United States]
Jul 2017 Padres Efectivos (Parent Activation): Skills Latina Mothers Use to Get Health Care for Their Children [United States]
Dec 2015 Parent Stress Is Not Directly Associated with Parent Activation in the PICU [United States]
Apr 2015 Parent-Reported Outcomes of a Shared Decision-Making Portal in Asthma: A Practice-Based RCT [United States]