Research by Source: Supportive Care In Cancer

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Oct 2020 Patient ambassador support in newly diagnosed patients with acute leukemia during treatment: a feasibility study [Denmark]
Jul 2019 Promoting integrated care in prostate cancer through online prostate cancer-specific holistic needs assessment: a feasibility study in primary care [United Kingdom]
Sep 2018 Impact of a health information technology tool addressing information needs of caregivers of adult and pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients [United States]
Dec 2017 Information needs of adolescent and young adult cancer patients and their parent-carers [Australia]
Nov 2017 Costs from a healthcare and societal perspective among cancer patients after total laryngectomy: are they related to patient activation? [Netherlands]
Jan 2017 The relationship between patient activation, confidence to self-manage side effects, and adherence to oral oncolytics: a pilot study with Michigan oncology practices [United States]