Research by Subject: anxiety

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Mar 2021 Chronic Patients’ Activation and Its Association with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Quality of Life: A Survey in Southeast Iran [Iran]
Oct 2020 Effects of Patient Activation Intervention on Chronic Diseases: A Meta-Analysis [Taiwan]
Dec 2018 High Patient Activation Is Associated With Remission in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease [United States]
Jun 2018 Knowledge, Skill, and Confidence in People Attending Pulmonary Rehabilitation: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Effects and Determinants of Patient Activation [Australia]
Jun 2018 Measurement of psycho-emotional constructs and self-management in health of patients with Rheumatics diseases [Brazil]
Jan 2017 Does an Integrated Care Intervention for COPD Patients Have Long-Term Effects on Quality of Life and Patient Activation? A Prospective, Open, Controlled Single-Center Intervention Study [Norway]