Research by Subject: Older Adult

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Aug 2018 Improving care for older people with long-term conditions and social care needs in Salford: the CLASSIC mixed-methods study, including RCT [United Kingdom]
Aug 2018 Effectiveness of a Community Health Worker-Led Diabetes Intervention among Older and Younger Latino Participants: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial [United States]
Jun 2018 Identifying modifiable patient characteristics associated with low educational attainment in older cardiac surgery patients [Netherlands]
May 2018 Is telephone health coaching a useful population health strategy for supporting older people with multimorbidity? An evaluation of reach, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness using a ‘trial within a cohort’ [United Kingdom]
Apr 2018 Advance Care Planning in Frail Older Adults: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial [Netherlands]
Jan 2018 Low patient activation levels in frail older adults: a cross-sectional study [Netherlands]
Mar 2016 Factors Associated with Patient Activation in an Older Adult Population with Functional Difficulties [United States]