Research by Author: Tusler, M

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Jul 2010 Development of the Patient Activation Measure for Mental Health (PAM-MH) [United States]
Dec 2009 How Do People With Different Levels of Activation Self-Manage Their Chronic Conditions? [United States]
Jun 2009 Improving the Outcomes of Disease-Management by Tailoring Care to the Patient’s Level of Activation [United States]
Dec 2008 Plan Design and Activated Consumers [United States]
Sep 2008 Racial/Ethnic Disparities and Consumer Health Activation [United States]
Aug 2007 Do Increases in Patient Activation Result in Improved Self-Management Behaviors? [United States]
Aug 2007 Consumer Competencies and the Use of Comparative Quality Information: It Isn’t Just About Literacy [United States]
Jan 2007 Assessing Activation Stage and Employing a ‘Next Steps’ Approach to Supporting Patient Self-Management [United States]
Oct 2006 Which Consumers are Ready for Consumer Driven Health Plans? [United States]
Dec 2005 Development and Testing of a Short Form of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) [United States]
Jun 2005 How Much Do Health Literacy and Patient Activation Contribute to Older Adults’ Ability to Manage Their Health? [United States]
Aug 2004 Development of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM): Conceptualizing and Measuring Activation in Patients and Consumers [United States]