Research by Subject: Shared Decision Making

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Jan 2018 Improving shared decision-making in chronic lymphocytic leukemia through multidisciplinary education [United States]
Oct 2017 Patient activation and health literacy: What’s the difference? How do each contribute to health outcomes? [United States]
Mar 2017 Exploring Autonomy Support in Shared Decision Making and Patient Activation of Diabetes Self-Care Behaviors [United States]
Aug 2016 Examination of the Effects of an Intervention Aiming to Link Patients Receiving Addiction Treatment With Health Care [United States]
Jul 2016 Assessing the Effects of Financial Literacy on Patient Engagement [United States]
Aug 2015 The Role of Patient Activation in Preferences for Shared Decision Making: Results From a National Survey of U.S. Adults [United States]
Apr 2015 Parent-Reported Outcomes of a Shared Decision-Making Portal in Asthma: A Practice-Based RCT [United States]