Research by Subject: Diabetes Mellitus

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Aug 2018 Tradução e Validação do Questionário de Ativação do Doente (Patient Activation Measure) para Português, em Pessoas com Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 2 [Portugal]
May 2018 Patient activation among people living with HIV: a cross-sectional comparative analysis with people living with diabetes mellitus [Canada]
Jun 2017 Enhancing mHealth Technology in the Patient-Centered Medical Home Environment to Activate Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A Multisite Feasibility Study Protocol [United States]
Mar 2017 Psychological and behavioural patterns of stigma among patients with type 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional study [Japan]
Mar 2017 Community to clinic navigation to improve diabetes outcomes [United States]
Aug 2016 Frequent Surfing on Social Health Networks is Associated With Increased Knowledge and Patient Health Activation [Israel]
Sep 2015 Pharmacist-provided diabetes management and education via a telemonitoring program [United States]
Aug 2015 Effectiveness of a brief theory-based health promotion intervention among adults at high risk of type 2 diabetes: One-year results from a randomised trial in a community setting [Denmark]
Jul 2014 Tradução e validação para Portugal do Patient Activation Measure 13: em pessoas com Diabetes Mellitus tipo 2. (Translation and validation of the Patient Activation Measure 13 for Portugal: In people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus) [Portugal]