Research by Subject: quality of care

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Aug 2015 Who’s Aware of and Using Public Reports of Provider Quality? [United States]
Feb 2013 Impact of a Patient-Centered Medical Home on Access, Quality, and Cost [United States]
Dec 2011 Gender Differences in Cholesterol-Lowering Medication Prescribing in Peripheral Artery Disease [United States]
Nov 2009 The Role of Patient Activation on Patient-Provider Communication and Quality of Care for US and Foreign Born Latinos [United States]
Jul 2007 Improving the Quality of Care through Research: Measuring Patient Activation [United States]
Nov 2006 Is Patient Activation associated with better health outcomes for adults with persistent asthma? [United States]
Nov 2005 How engaged are people in their health care? Findings of a national telephone survey (UK) [United Kingdom]