Research by Subject: self-care methods

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Jul 2021 Predictors of health activation for patients with chronic kidney disease undergoing hemodialysis [Brazil]
Jun 2021 The My Diabetes Care Patient Portal Intervention: Usability and Pre-Post Assessment [United States]
Mar 2021 Nível de ativação e qualidade de vida relacionada à saúde de pessoas em hemodiálise (Level of activation and quality of life related to the health of people in hemodialysis) [Brazil]
Feb 2021 Patient Activation and its Predictors in Hospitalized Older Adults in Singapore [Singapore]
Jun 2019 “Get Ready and Empowered About Treatment” (GREAT) Study: a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of Activation in Persons Living with HIV [United States]
Nov 2018 The structural and convergent validity of three commonly used measures of self-management in persons with neurological conditions [Canada]
Aug 2018 Tradução e Validação do Questionário de Ativação do Doente (Patient Activation Measure) para Português, em Pessoas com Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 2 [Portugal]
Jun 2018 Patient empowerment, what does it mean for adults in the advanced stages of a life-limiting illness: A systematic review using critical interpretive synthesis [United Kingdom]
Jul 2017 The association between patient activation and self-care practices: A cross-sectional study of an Australian population with comorbid diabetes and chronic kidney disease [Australia]
Mar 2017 Exploring Autonomy Support in Shared Decision Making and Patient Activation of Diabetes Self-Care Behaviors [United States]
Sep 2016 Enhancing self-care, adjustment and engagement through mobile phones in youth with HIV [Nigeria]
Jul 2016 Commissioning of self-management support for people with long-term conditions: an exploration of commissioning aspirations and processes [United Kingdom]
Jan 2016 Association between self-stigma and self-care behaviors in patients with type 2 diabetes: a cross-sectional study [Japan]
Aug 2015 Predictors of Engagement in Postpartum Weight Self-Management Behaviors in the First 12 Weeks After Birth [United States]
Jun 2015 Uptake of health monitoring and disease self-management in Australian adults with neurofibromatosis type 1: Strategies to improve care [Australia]
Jun 2015 Impact of psychological characteristics in self-management in individuals with traumatic spinal cord injury [Canada]
May 2015 Patient and Disease Characteristics Associated with Activation for Self-Management in Patients with Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Heart Failure and Chronic Renal Disease: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study [Netherlands]
Jan 2015 Examining the effects of remote monitoring systems on activation, self-care, and quality of life in older patients wit chronic heart failure [United States]
Jan 2015 The Patient Activation Measure: a Validation Study in a Neurological Population [Canada]
Jan 2015 Mobile-Web App to Self-Manage Low Back Pain: Randomized Controlled Trial [United States]
Aug 2014 Self-Reported Effects of Attending the Health Foundation’s Co-Creating Health Self-Management Programme for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in London, England [United Kingdom]
Jul 2014 Activation to Self-Management and Exercise in Overweight and Obese Older Women With Knee Osteoarthritis [United States]
Jul 2014 Pilot Study of an Action Plan Intervention for Self-Management in Overweight/Obese Adults in a medically underserved minority population: phase I [United States]
Jul 2014 Patient Activation and Disability in Upper Extremity Illness [United States]
Jun 2014 Evaluation of a Self-Management Programme for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [United Kingdom]
May 2014 Supporting People To Manage Their Health: An Introduction To Patient Activation [United Kingdom]
Apr 2014 Long-term Effects of a Nurse-led Group and Individual Patient Education Programme for Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Polyarthritis - A Randomised Controlled Trial [Norway]
Mar 2014 Healthcare Task Difficulty Among Older Adults With Multimorbidity [United States]
Feb 2014 Beyond Demographics: Differences in Patient Activation Across New Immigrant, Diverse Language Subgroups [United States]
Jan 2014 On-going Palliative Care Enhances Perceived Control and Patient Activation and Reduces Symptom Distress in Patients With Symptomatic Heart Failure: A Pilot [United States]
Nov 2013 Patient Perceptions of Patient-Empowering Nurse Behaviours, Patient Activation and Functional Health Status in Postsurgical Patients with Life-Threatening Long-term Illnesses [United States]
Nov 2013 Tailored Stroke Self-Management: Developing and Testing a Nurse-led, Self-Management Support Intervention (TALISSMAN) [United Kingdom]
Sep 2013 Patient Activation in Schizophrenia: Insights From Stories of Illness and Recovery [United States]
May 2013 Patient Activation and Improved Outcomes in HIV-Infected Patients [United States]
Apr 2013 Levels of Patient Activation Among Adults with Schizophrenia: Associations with Hope, Symptoms, Medication Adherence, and Recovery Attitudes [United States]
Apr 2013 Extending Physician ReACH: Influencing Patient Activation and Behavior Through Multichannel Physician Communication [United States]
Apr 2013 Recall of HbA1c and Self-Management Behaviours, Patient Activation, Perception of Care and Diabetes Distress in Type 2 Diabetes [Denmark]
Jan 2013 Improving Confidence for Self Care in Patients with Depression and Chronic Illnesses [United States]
Jan 2013 Effect of Patient Activation on Self-Management in Patients with Heart Failure [United States]
Oct 2012 Living Well: An Intervention to Improve Self-Management of Medical Illness for Individuals With Serious Mental Illness [United States]
Oct 2012 Care Coordination for the Chronically Ill: Understanding the Patient's Perspective [United States]
Jul 2012 An Exploration of the Reasons for Frequent Readmissions in Patients with Chronic Disease: Activation from Frequent Flyers to Self-Management [Australia]
May 2012 Summary of the Evidence on Performance of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) [United Kingdom]
May 2012 Social Support and Self-Management Behaviour Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes [Denmark]
Jan 2012 Effects of a Web-Based Intervention for Adults With Chronic Conditions on Patient Activation: Online Randomized Controlled Trial [United States]
Jan 2012 Efficacy of Ongoing Group Based Diabetes Self-Management Education for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Randomised Controlled Trial [Norway]
Dec 2011 Activating Community Health Center Patients in Developing Question-Formulation Skills: A Qualitative Study [United States]
Oct 2011 Raising Low Patient Activation Rates Among Hispanic Immigrants May Equal Expanded Coverage in Reducing Access Disparities [United States]
Jul 2011 Modifiable Disease Risk, Readiness to Change, and Psychosocial Functioning Improve with Integrative Medicine Immersion Model [United States]
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Jun 2010 The Internet Diabetes Self-Management Workshop for American Indians and Alaska Native [United States]
Mar 2010 On-line Diabetes Self-Management Program, A Randomized Study [United States]
Mar 2010 The Development and Testing of a Measure Assessing Physician Beliefs about Patient Self-Management [United States]
Feb 2010 The Health and Recovery Peer (HARP) Program: A Peer-Led Intervention to Improve Medical Self-Management for Persons with Serious Mental Illness [United States]
Dec 2009 How Do People With Different Levels of Activation Self-Manage Their Chronic Conditions? [United States]
Nov 2009 The Role of Patient Activation in Psychiatric Visits [United States]
Jul 2009 Community-Based Peer-Led Diabetes Self-Management: A Randomized Trial [United States]
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Jun 2009 Improving the Outcomes of Disease-Management by Tailoring Care to the Patient’s Level of Activation [United States]
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