Research by Subject: patient engagement

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Jun 2021 The My Diabetes Care Patient Portal Intervention: Usability and Pre-Post Assessment [United States]
Jan 2019 Technology Access, Technical Assistance, and Disparities in Inpatient Portal Use [United States]
Sep 2018 Patient activation for self-management is associated with health status in patients with atrial fibrillation [United States]
Jul 2018 Development and psychometric testing of the Readiness to Engage with Patient-Facing Health Information Technology Tools (RE-PHIT) scale [United States]
May 2018 A Coaching by Telephone Intervention on Engaging Patients to Address Modifiable Cardiovascular Risk Factors: a Randomized Controlled Trial [United States]
Jul 2017 Effectiveness of Digital Medicines to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Uncontrolled Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes: Prospective, Open-Label, Cluster-Randomized Pilot Clinical Trial [United States]
Jun 2017 The role of Patient Health Engagement Model (PHE-model) in affecting patient activation and medication adherence: A structural equation model [Italy]
Mar 2017 Does patient activation level affect the cancer patient journey? [United States]
Feb 2017 A Multilevel Analysis of Patient Engagement and Patient-Reported Outcomes in Primary Care Practices of Accountable Care Organizations [United States]
Dec 2016 The Relationship Between Race, Patient Activation, and Working Alliance: Implications for Patient Engagement in Mental Health Care [United States]
Jul 2016 Assessing the Effects of Financial Literacy on Patient Engagement [United States]
Jul 2016 Patient Activation and the Use of Information to Support Informed Decisions [United States]
Jul 2016 Cross-Cultural Validation of the Parent-Patient Activation Measure in Low Income Spanish- and English-Speaking Parents [United States]
Jun 2016 Reliability and validity of the Patient Activation Measure in hospitalized patients [United States]
May 2016 Patient portal use in a community medical group: A healthcare improvement project [United States]
Mar 2016 Assessing the Associations of Patient-Reported Perceptions of Patient-Centered Care as Supplemental Measures of Health Care Quality in VA [United States]
Mar 2015 When Patient Activation Levels Change, Health Outcomes and Costs Change Too [United States]