Research by Source: Health Services Research

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Oct 2019 The Wellness Incentive and Navigation intervention improved health-related quality of life among Medicaid enrollees: A randomized pragmatic clinical trial [United States]
Aug 2016 Improving Population Health Management Strategies: Identifying Patients Who Are More Likely to Be Users of Avoidable Costly Care and Those More Likely to Develop a New Chronic Disease [United States]
Feb 2015 Determinants of Coverage Decisions in Health Insurance Marketplaces: Consumers' Decision-Making Abilities and the Amount of Information in Their Choice Environment [United States]
Oct 2012 Care Coordination for the Chronically Ill: Understanding the Patient's Perspective [United States]
Jun 2012 Patient-Physician Role Relationships and Patient Activation Among Individuals with Chronic Illness [United States]
Apr 2011 Psychometric Properties of the Patient Activation Measure among Multimorbid Older Adults [United States]
Feb 2008 Telephone and Web: Mixed Mode Challenge [United States]
Aug 2007 Do Increases in Patient Activation Result in Improved Self-Management Behaviors? [United States]
Dec 2005 Development and Testing of a Short Form of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) [United States]
Aug 2004 Development of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM): Conceptualizing and Measuring Activation in Patients and Consumers [United States]