Research by Subject: rural

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
May 2020 Levels and determinants of health literacy and patient activation among multi-morbid COPD people in rural Nepal: Findings from a cross-sectional study [Australia]
Dec 2019 Impact of a Community-based Approach to Patient Engagement in Rural, Low-income Adults with Type 2 Diabetes [United States]
May 2019 Effects of a Behavioral Health and Chronic Illness Care Intervention on Patient Outcomes in Primary Care Practices in the Dakotas [United States]
Sep 2018 The feasibility and promise of mobile technology with community health worker reinforcement to reduce rural preterm birth [United States]
Mar 2017 Community to clinic navigation to improve diabetes outcomes [United States]
Jan 2017 Lessons Learned From Implementing Health Coaching in The Heart Healthy Lenoir Hypertension Study [United States]
Jan 2017 The Impact of Self-management Knowledge and Support on the Relationships Among Self-efficacy, Patient Activation, and Self-management in Rural Patients With Heart Failure [United States]
May 2015 Relationships between activation level, knowledge, self-efficacy, and self-management behavior in heart failure patients discharged from rural hospitals [United States]
Jun 2013 The Active Patient Role and Asthma Outcomes in an Underserved Rural Community [United States]
Jul 2012 Patient And phaRmacist Telephonic Encounters (PARTE) in an Underserved Rural Patient Population with Asthma: Results of a Pilot Study [United States]