Research by Subject: telehealth

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Oct 2021 Patient and Supporter Factors Affecting Engagement With Diabetes Telehealth [United States]
Apr 2020 Racial Disparities in Diabetes Management Outcomes: Evidence from a Remote Patient Monitoring Program for Type 2 Diabetic Patients [United States]
Feb 2020 Exploring the Effects of Patient Activation in Online Health Communities on Patient Compliance [China]
Dec 2019 The Importance of Patients' User Experience with a Telehealth System for their Evaluation of its Psychosocial Impacts [Slovenia]
Nov 2019 Tele-rehabilitation and hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation are comparable in increasing patient activation and health literacy: A pilot study [Denmark]
Mar 2018 Remote Patient Monitoring and Clinical Outcomes for Postdischarge Patients with Type 2 Diabetes [United States]
Feb 2017 Feasibility of a Telehealth Educational Program on Self-management of Pain and Fatigue in Adult Cancer Patients [United States]
Jan 2016 Psychosocial health coaching for chronically ill in a telehealth context: a pilot study [Netherlands]
Jul 2012 Patient And phaRmacist Telephonic Encounters (PARTE) in an Underserved Rural Patient Population with Asthma: Results of a Pilot Study [United States]