Research by Subject: Health Literacy

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
May 2021 The relationships of health literacy, preferred involvement, and patient activation with perceived involvement in care among Mongolian patients with breast and cervical cancer [Taiwan]
May 2020 Levels and determinants of health literacy and patient activation among multi-morbid COPD people in rural Nepal: Findings from a cross-sectional study [Australia]
Apr 2020 The Relationship Between Health Literacy, eHealth Use, Acculturation, and Patient Activation Among Mexican Americans [United States]
Mar 2020 Lessons Learned from Designing Curriculum and Fostering University-Community Collaborations to Implement a Lay Patient Advocate Training in Tribal Communities [United States]
Feb 2020 Do Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) Self-Management Interventions Consider Health Literacy and Patient Activation? A Systematic Review [Australia]
Feb 2020 Exploring the Effects of Patient Activation in Online Health Communities on Patient Compliance [China]
Nov 2019 Tele-rehabilitation and hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation are comparable in increasing patient activation and health literacy: A pilot study [Denmark]
Oct 2019 Effectiveness of a Social Media–Based, Health Literacy–Sensitive Diabetes Self‐Management Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial [Korea]
Oct 2019 Self-management practice, associated factors and its relationship with Health Literacy and Patient Activation among multi-morbid COPD patients from rural Nepal [Australia]
Jun 2019 “Get Ready and Empowered About Treatment” (GREAT) Study: a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial of Activation in Persons Living with HIV [United States]
Jun 2019 The relationship between health literacy, patient activation, and health outcomes in breast cancer patients [United States]
Feb 2019 Health Coaching Has Differential Effects on Veterans with Limited Health Literacy and Numeracy: a Secondary Analysis of ACTIVATE [United States]
Dec 2018 How health literacy and patient activation play their own unique role in self-management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) [Australia]
Aug 2018 How Do Health Literacy, Numeric Competencies, and Patient Activation Relate to Transition Readiness in Adolescents and Young Adults with Rheumatic Diseases? [United States]
Aug 2018 Beyond Reading and Understanding: Health Literacy as the Capacity to Act [Netherlands]
Jun 2018 Identifying modifiable patient characteristics associated with low educational attainment in older cardiac surgery patients [Netherlands]
Jun 2018 Patient activation, knowledge, and health literacy association with self-management behaviors in persons with heart failure [United States]
Jun 2018 Towards Generating Personalized Hospitalization Summaries [United States]
Mar 2018 The relationship between health literacy and patient activation among frequent users of healthcare services: a cross-sectional study [Canada]
Nov 2017 Mobile-based patient-provider communication in cancer survivors: the roles of health literacy and patient activation [United States]
Oct 2017 Patient activation and health literacy: What’s the difference? How do each contribute to health outcomes? [United States]
Sep 2017 Patient Activation Mediates Health Literacy Associated with Hospital Utilization Among Whites [United States]
Mar 2017 Patient Portals as a Tool for Health Care Engagement: A Mixed-Method Study of Older Adults With Varying Levels of Health Literacy and Prior Patient Portal Use [United States]
Aug 2016 Health Literacy and Education as Mediators of Racial Disparities in Patient Activation Within an Elderly Patient Cohort [United States]
Apr 2016 Relationships among Health Literacy, Severity of Disease, Patient Engagement, Perception of Person-Centered Care and Quality of Life in Patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery [Thailand]
Feb 2016 Validation of an Interaction Model of Health Behavior Among Adults With Hypertension [United States]
Jan 2016 Racial disparities and patient activation; Evaluating the mediating role of health literacy [United States]
Dec 2015 Consumer Use of ‘Dr Google’: A Survey on Health Information-Seeking Behaviors and Navigational Needs [Australia]
Dec 2015 Help-Seeking Behavior and Health Care Navigation by Bhutanese Refugees [United States]
Oct 2015 The Influence of Health Literacy and Patient Activation on Patient Information Seeking and Sharing [United States]
Oct 2015 Assessing Patient Activation and Health Literacy in the Emergency Department [United States]
Jan 2014 Patient Activation and Health Literacy as Predictors of Health Information Use in a General Sample of Dutch Health Care Consumers [Netherlands]