Research Licenses

I would like to use the PAM® survey in a research study...

PAM is licensed and used by hundreds of healthcare organizations around the world to tailor patient support, allocate health resources efficiently and measure program impact.  Over 475 peer-reviewed research studies using PAM as a key variable have been published since 2004.

To continually improve the collective knowledge around health activation, Insignia Health offers a special license to healthcare researchers for PAM or a related activation survey (Parent PAM, Caregiver PAM or CS-PAM*).  To qualify for a PAM research license, a proposed study must meet certain minimum requirements:

  • The license applicant is the lead researcher or one of the principal investigators on the proposed study.
  • The study has a clear research design and methodology, including a formal approach to participant enrollment and retention, access to data variables beyond PAM, and a plan for data analysis.  See Best Practices for Analyzing PAM Data.
  • The study, including use of PAM or related PAM-based activation survey, is approved by the applicant’s academic institution or health policy organization.
  • The overseeing institutional review board (IRB), independent ethics committee (IEC), ethical review board (ERB), research ethics board (REB), or other relevant institutional body will allow the sharing of de-identified data with Insignia Health.
  • The study is not funded by an organization seeking, through this research, to develop, optimize or validate a product or service, such as a patient education, activation or engagement resource or support program, that will be commercialized for their own direct or indirect financial benefit.  [Commercial licenses are available to support these projects.]  
  • The study must have at least 75 unique participants, which allows for general evaluation of PAM score change, but lacks measurement power for evaluation by each of the four PAM activation levels. A sample of 200+ is recommended for PAM Level evaluation in cross sectional and longitudinal research.
  • The researcher(s) or institution intends to publish results of the study in an academic journal or professional publication, or through a publicly-shared white paper or similar publication.  The researcher agrees to refer to PAM in the publication as the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) with the appropriate registration mark. 
  • At the conclusion of the study, the principal researcher(s) or the sponsoring institution agrees to share with Insignia Health the entire de-identified data set, including PAM data and other variables that are evaluated relative to a PAM score or activation level, plus any related materials including code books. Insignia will not formally publish results from this data or share this data with another party.  
  • The study will not use PAM or related survey to validate another measurement tool or data-based model of activation, engagement or self-management.. 
  • The study will not use PAM to validate a commercial (e.g. licensed or sold to other organizations) software-based health intervention or program. [Commercial licenses are available to support these projects.]
  • The applicant accepts the Research License Terms and Conditions.

If your study meets these parameters, please proceed to the Research License Service Center

Note: A $75 non-refundable application/renewal fee is required annually for a PAM-only research license, payable by credit card only.  

Research License Frequently Asked Questions

Standard and Limited Commercial licenses are also available to researchers.

*For the CS-PAM survey (Clinician Support for patient activation), please contact