Can This Metrics-Based Tool Improve Patient Health?

June 01, 2020

Can This Metrics-Based Tool Improve Patient Health?

According to Risa Hayes, program specialist at the QIN NCC, PAM® not only helps identify the specific level of care and support patients need at a given time, but also informs their providers and caregivers on the best ways to deliver it.

“It’s the best tool we’ve found so far, validated by over 300 studies, that measures patient activation. It’s great for understanding what activation really means,” said Hayes

In Montgomery County, Maryland, the Wellness and Independence for Seniors at Home (WISH) program, part of the Nexus Montgomery Regional Partnership consisting of six local hospitals, aims to keep seniors in place. Through WISH, care coordinators at 44 high-rise senior-living facilities in the county are using the PAM tool with proactive interventions for Medicare patients. One key goal is to reduce hospital readmissions.

The program involves partnerships between hospitals, care transitions coalitions, nursing facilities, home health agencies and other community organizations who refer patients from the senior buildings that could benefit from access to a health coach at home.

According to Hayes, more than 7,413 PAM surveys have been completed by more than 4,937 individuals since the program began rolling out in 2015.

“This is impacting patients positively because our providers and practitioners are doing a better job interacting with people, that social aspect beyond the clinical aspect,” Hayes said. ​“We’re seeing an impact in how we practice and meeting people where they are.”

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