ITx Integrates the Patient Activation Measure® Survey To Improve Healthcare Account Resolution

November 01, 2018

ITx Integrates the Patient Activation Measure® Survey To Improve Healthcare Account Resolution

Hospitals and health systems can now measure patient activation and efficiently tailor patient support to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes.  

Insignia Health has partnered with ITx Companies (IntelliHARTx, LLC & ITx Healthcare, LLC) to bring the Patient  Activation Measure® (PAM®) survey to hospitals, health systems and large physicians groups across the United States.

ITx will implement PAM to improve patient engagement strategies by tailoring concierge-style balance resolution services according to each patient’s level of activation.  ITx’s clients can also utilize PAM data populated within the patient’s electronic medical record to develop personalized care plans for patients and assign resources more efficiently pre- and post-discharge.

“Engaging patients in a way that can best serve our clients to optimize clinical and financial outcomes is mission critical,” said Philip Gower, President of ITx.  “The ever-increasing consumerism of healthcare means patients have more choices for how and where they receive care.  In this new environment, PAM and patient activation data act as the bridge for providers to both improve the patient experience and attain stronger financial viability.”

Health activation score and level, as revealed by PAM, have proven to be one of the strongest predictors of health behaviors and outcomes.  PAM acts as a segmentation tool to allow providers to better understand which patients are at higher risk for more costly utilization and poor health outcomes, which can in turn affect financial issues related to delivery of healthcare services.

“Understanding health activation is crucial to creating strong, long-term relationships with patients based upon each individual’s self-management capabilities,” said Craig Swanson, President of Insignia Health.  “ITx’s implementation of PAM is a terrific example of how activation data can be extended to serve hospitals and health systems in multiple ways.”

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