PharmOutcomes Integrates the Patient Activation Measure® survey to improve continuity of care for community pharmacies

December 20, 2017

PharmOutcomes Integrates the Patient Activation Measure® survey to improve continuity of care for community pharmacies

Community pharmacies and healthcare providers across England can assess patient activation using PharmOutcomes® and tailor patient support to achieve better outcomes. 

Insignia Health’s Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) is now available to community pharmacies and other commissioning organisations across England through PharmOutcomes. 

PharmOutcomes’ secure, web-based service management solution allows healthcare providers to capture and share patient data in real-time to enable onward referrals and notifications.  In a community setting, pharmacies and providers using PharmOutcomes can both administer PAM and view changes to a patient’s PAM score and level over time to evaluate the impact of care programmes on reducing utilisation and improving medication adherence.

Gary Warner, a managing partner at Pinnacle Health, said “After seeing the difference that improvements in patient activation, as measured by PAM, made to individuals’ lives as part of our work with the Community Pharmacy Future project, we knew that we had to integrate PharmOutcomes and PAM.  It’s been a great piece of collaborative work and we are delighted to add this as core technology to PharmOutcomes, so that organisations in holding a PAM licence will have nothing further to pay to access this powerful clinical tool within the platform.”

“We know that patients lower in activation struggle in taking their medicines as directed, which accounts for most of the gaps in adherence that we see,” explains Chris Delaney, CEO of Insignia Health.  “So we are very excited about the integration of PAM within the PharmOutcomes platform to give pharmacists an important vital sign to guide interactions with their patients.”

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Insignia Health specializes in helping commissioning groups, trusts, clinics, pharmacies, social sector providers and other health care organisations assess an individual’s activation level and develop strategies to effectively use healthcare services and resources. Insignia Health applies its proprietary family of health activation assessments to measure each individual’s self-management competencies. The Patient Activation Measure® and a decade of health activation research form the cornerstone of a complementary suite of Insignia solutions, which have been proven to reduce utilization and improve cost controls. More information can be found at or by writing to 

PharmOutcomes is a web-based system which helps community pharmacies provide services more effectively and makes it easier for commissioners to audit and manage these services. By collating information on pharmacy services it allows local and national level analysis and reporting on the effectiveness of commissioned services, helping to improve the evidence base for community pharmacy services. For more information, go to

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