Patient Survey "Activates" Portland's Insignia Health

November 09, 2016

Patient Survey "Activates" Portland's Insignia Health

The Portland Business Journal interviewed Insignia Health CEO Chris Delaney and he described how the more “activated” a patient is, the more they will take charge of their own health, check their blood glucose levels, take their medications and avoid the ER. And the less money they will cost the health system.  

Which is why Portland-based Insignia Health’s revenue has grown 25 percent this year and will likely do so again in 2017.  

Insignia’s Patient Activation Measure, or “PAM,” is used by health insurers, health systems, Medicare and Medicaid agencies and even Britain’s National Health Service. It involves giving patients a 10-question survey that places patients in one of four categories to determine how activated they are, with the lowest being “disengaged and overwhelmed.”  

About 15 million patients will complete the PAM survey in the next year. Typically about 40 percent of the general population and half the Medicaid population are considered “lower activation” and lack the confidence and skills to be highly involved in their own care.

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