Insignia Health Earns ‘Best in Class’ Endorsement from National Quality Forum for a Person and Family-Centered Care Measure

May 26, 2016

Insignia Health Earns ‘Best in Class’ Endorsement from National Quality Forum for a Person and Family-Centered Care Measure

National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsement of the measure “Gains in Patient Activation (PAM) Scores at 12 Months” supports over a decade of research as evidence that Insignia’s Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) is the gold standard for assessing a person’s health self-management abilities.

The National Quality Forum (NQF) recently endorsed Gains in Patient Activation (PAM) Scores at 12 months as a Patient & Family Centered Care measure, adding to the global recognition of PAM as a vital tool for improving health outcomes and quality of care.

NQF measure endorsement reflects rigorous scientific and evidence-based review from stakeholders across the healthcare enterprise to determine which measures warrant endorsement as “best in class.” Person and family-centered care measures encompass engagement in shared decision-making as well as preparation and activation for self-care management.

“NQF recognizes that high quality care should result in an increased ability of patients to manage their health and their care. The Patient Activation Measure can accurately capture these gains, and tell providers and systems if they are performing well in supporting patients,” said Dr. Judith Hibbard, Research Professor, Health Policy Research Group, University of Oregon. “Measuring patient gains in activation and using that information to define good performance has the potential to positively and profoundly change health care,” she added.

The Patient Activation Measure is a 10- or 13-item assessment that provides insight to an individual´s knowledge, skill and confidence for managing their health and health care. PAM is scored on a 0-100 scale which reveals four levels of activation, from low (1) to high (4). The measure has been validated across a wide array of demographic/socioeconomic characteristics in dozens of countries. Low-activated individuals (PAM levels 1 and 2) are at significantly greater risk for poor health outcomes and higher utilization than those higher in activation (PAM levels 3 and 4).

“Like the NQF, Insignia Health strongly supports person-centered healthcare as critical to reducing costs and improving the quality of care, especially as we transform from a fee-for service healthcare environment to one that is more value-based. This endorsement recognizes what over a decade of PAM research has shown, that as activation scores increase, improvements in self-management, health outcomes and cost savings are realized,” commented Chris Delaney, Insignia Health CEO.

The measure endorsed by NQF is the change in PAM score from the baseline measurement to follow-up measurement. A “passing” score is determined when the patient achieves an average net 3-point PAM score increase in a 6-12 month period. An “excellent” score is showing an average net 6-point PAM score increase in a 6-12 month period.

Research has shown that on average each point increase in PAM score yields a 1.5%-2.5% improvement in health outcomes, including HbA1c (blood sugar) control, medication adherence, and reduced hospitalization.

Lower healthcare costs, improved health outcomes and increased patient satisfaction materialize when tailored care plans are administered based on activation levels.

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About Insignia Health: Insignia Health is the gold standard provider of patient activation solutions that pinpoint population health risk, improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and increase patient/member satisfaction. Our Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) is a predictive powerhouse backed by over a decade of health activation research and insight gained from supporting hospitals, health systems, health plans, life science firms and government agencies around the globe. Our products and services help organizations exceed performance objectives by measuring activation and tailoring care programs to specific activation levels. We strive to lessen disease, illness burden and premature deaths around the world. Insignia Health is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.