How to predict non-adherence

March 11, 2012

How to predict non-adherence

Every day thousands of patients fail to fill their scripts, and every day, it seems, pharma hears about another solution that purports to get those patients back on track, via text messages, Web portals, pharmacy phone calls. And yet still the problem persists, year after year, and, according to some statistics, is growing more acute. That reality has led to several new, proactive solutions that aim to identify patients who are likely to be non-adherent before they get a chance to exhibit the behavior.  

One of these solutions, the Patient Activation Measure, is already commercially available from Insignia Health and looks at patients’ overall ability to manage their health, including their medicines. “In our own lives, we all know people who are very proactive about their health and others who are pretty passive,” says Dr. Judith Hibbard, lead researcher on the Patient Activation Measure and a professor of health policy at the University of Oregon. “We’ve developed a way to accurately measure that level of activation for the healthcare community.”

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