Those who need it most, aren't interested

October 15, 2009

Those who need it most, aren't interested

Unfortunately, those most in need of mobile health solutions are the least likely to be interested in them, Insignia Health CEO Chris Delaney explained to MobiHealthNews in a recent interview.  

When thinking about mobile health, there are really two challenges for those looking to drive consumer adoption: The low activated population is the most in need of these solutions, but since they don’t believe they are really in charge of their healthcare, they are least likely to be interested, Delaney explained. On the other hand, the early adopters are the most activated patients — meaning they already take pretty good care of themselves. Even if the wireless health industry manages to drive consumer adoption among this group, the effect these services will have on these early adopters’ health will be minimal because they are already in pretty good shape.  

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