Insignia Health - Patient Activation Measure®

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The PAM survey was developed through Rasch analysis and classical test theory psychometric methods. It’s uni-dimensional in that it taps into an overarching construct: being in charge of one's own health. As such, the PAM survey is not designed to assess behaviors in isolation, but instead recognizes that people who feel “in charge” of their health engage in a whole constellation of behaviors. And unlike many assessment tools that create segments that are not formed along a continuous scale, the PAM segments individuals along an empirically derived measurement continuum that acts like a ruler.

Four Levels of Health Activation

The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) assessment gauges the knowledge, skills and confidence essential to managing one’s own health and healthcare. The PAM assessment segments consumers into one of four progressively higher activation levels. Each level addresses a broad array of self-care behaviors and offers deep insight into the characteristics that drive health activation. A PAM score can also predict healthcare outcomes including medication adherence, ER utilization and hospitalization.

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