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CS-PAM®: Crucial Insights into Clinician Perspectives

The widely held Chronic Care Model (CCM) views an activated patient as essential to better care and better health. The CCM encourages productive interactions between informed, activated patients and prepared, proactive practice teams. Here, patients and clinicians bring equally important, complementary skills and knowledge to their working relationship. Other popular models find patient self-management important as well, including the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). The ability to measure a clinician’s belief in patient self-management is clearly helpful, as is the measurement of patient’s self-management ability.

The Clinician Activation Measure® (CS-PAM®), adapted from the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®), assesses a clinician’s beliefs about patient self-management. Research shows the CS-PAM to be a reliable measurement tool that can assess and differentiate clinicians on their beliefs and attitudes about the importance of patient self-management competencies and behaviors.

Clinicians more supportive of patient activation have shown to translate this belief system into their clinical work (example below). Research has also shown CS-PAM scores to associate to PAM scores.

The insight gained from a CS-PAM can be used to identify training opportunities and to help develop a more patient-centric health practice.

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