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Understanding the Drivers of Health Behavior

Support programs and educational resources are often targeted to an individual's behavioral deficits, whether identified through clinical data or through individual self-report. This data alone provides an incomplete persona, failing to reveal what’s driving the behaviors and outcomes that have been catalogued. The Patient Activation Measure® assessment and its related body of research provides a deeper understanding of an individual, allowing support to be more effectively tailored to a person's underlying self-management competencies.

A Key Vital Sign

The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®) assessment offers healthcare providers and organizations a powerful tool to better inform patient and member activation efforts, from resource allocation to the tailoring of education and support. An individual’s ability to self-manage gives vital insight to coaches, clinicians and health educators. Lower-activation individuals are typically overwhelmed, lack basic health knowledge and are poor self-managers. Those higher in activation are typically goal-oriented, have a good knowledge base and are capable of achieving self-care best practices guidelines. This variation in self-management ability necessitates a new approach to engaging individuals in their health.

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