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  • “Patient Activation is really the key to what we are doing. I can’t imagine doing coaching without getting some idea of where the patient is in terms of their level of activation. It really helps us target the intervention.”

    Christy Bond
    Director, Senior Services
    Crouse Hospital, Syracuse NY

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Judy Hibbard, DrPh

PAM inventor. Dr. Hibbard is a Professor of Health Policy at the University of Oregon, lead author of the Patient Activation Measure® survey, and a recognized international expert on consumerism in healthcare. Over the last 25 years she has focused her research on consumer choices and behavior in healthcare. Her research interests examine such topics as: how consumers understand and use health care information, how health literacy affects choices, enrollee behavior within consumer-driven health plans, and assessments of patient and consumer activation.

“Learning to become an effective self-manager is a lot like learning to swim.  Throwing non-swimmers into the deep end of the pool rarely produces swimmers.  For both activities, one needs to work at building confidence, skills, and knowledge, it is a process that unfolds over time.”    - Judy Hibbard

Dr. Hibbard advises many health care organizations, foundations, and initiatives such as Bridges to Excellence. She serves on several advisory panels and commissions, including the National Advisory Counsel for AHRQ, the National Health Care Quality Forum, JCAHO, United Health Group Advisory Panel, the Research Advisory board for NCQA, and an advisory board for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

She is the author of over 85 peer-reviewed publications. Her recent work appears in issues of Health Affairs, Medical Care, and Health Services Research. Dr. Hibbard holds a masters degree in Public Health from UCLA and a doctoral degree from the School of Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley.

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