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Activating Individuals around their Health

We care about health activation, passionately so. A healthier person, a more vibrant company, a more cost-effective and dynamic healthcare system: Reaching these goals requires higher engagement and increased activation in one’s own health. The healthcare industry can build a medical community around a person, redesign benefit programs, and leverage technology for improved information sharing. But none of this matters unless we tap into what intrinsically motivates people to build healthier lives for themselves. Healthcare challenges must be tackled at the root — from within each individual and the decisions we make that affect our own health.

Our passion stems from research and validation of our proprietary Patient Activation Measure® (PAM), which provides a distinct, measurable starting point for personalizing health, disease and condition management programs. As individuals progress along the continuum of activation, they experience fewer health crises and become better self-managers. Increased activation translates into better health as it bends the cost curve down through more effective and efficient use of healthcare resources. And that’s worth getting excited about!

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